A name can be everything. For us, it's our story, and our story starts with the misunderstood corvid.

Let's be honest, crows and ravens get a bad rap. But if you chart their progression through history, that hasn't always been so. The Norse god Odin kept two ravens, Thought and Memory, that served as his eyes and ears around the world. In Greek myth ravens were associated with the god Apollo, serving as messengers and representing good luck. In Hinduism, crows act as omen-bearers, their expansive memories allowing them to bring news from around the world. Ravens have been kept at the Tower of London for centuries, as legend claims the tower will fall should they ever leave. In many Native American and Australian Aboriginal myths, crows are both tricksters and creators. Say what you may about them being scavengers and harbingers, but crows have served important roles as guides, messengers, companions, and creators throughout our world's mythological history.

At Corvidae Collective, we hold three core ideals in mind: creativity, curiosity and collaboration. 

What better place to look than the corvidae family itself? Comprised of crows, ravens, and a handful of other species, these birds truly represents not only the echelon of avian intelligence, but that of the entire animal kingdom. Rivaling dolphins, primates, and even humans at times, the corvidae family has showcased such talents as tool-making, geometric and imaginative thinking, spatial memorization, cooperative living, self-recognition, and an all-around cleverness. The ingenuity and imagination these birds display, as well as their highly developed collaborative lifestyles, were elements we as a company wanted to emphasize. Corvidae Collective represents a culture in which the collaborative use of creativity and strategy are used to form effective solutions.

Corvidae Collective was thus hatched, taking flight in 2013. 

Since then the team has been hard at work making Corvidae into a respected, comprehensive creative studio. Because of our wide-ranging yet detailed services, we cater to an eclectic clientele of local businesses. The uniqueness of every project allows us to build personal relationships with our clients and collaborate in the truest form. In striving to understand not only what the client needs, but why and how, we are able to offer the most individualized services and help our clients create the best possible versions of their businesses.