FridgeWize Announces Strategic Move Into Kansas City

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FridgeWize Announces Strategic Move Into Kansas City

Benefits of Central Metropolitan Area Drive Corporate Expansion

CARBONDALE, Colo., October 15, 2015 ---­­ FridgeWize, a leading provider of energy­ efficient commercial heating and cooling solutions, today announced that it is expanding the company with a major move of its operations center to Kansas City. The company looks forward to the benefits of doing business in a major metropolitan area, with a central location in the country being key to the decision. The move is effective as of today, October 15, 2015.

"Kansas City’s central location allows for more efficient and effective travel to our customers on the East and West Coast, as well as easier access to our national sales team." said Ryan Grobler, CEO and President of FridgeWize. “This move also allows us to take advantage of Kansas City’s strong pool of talent and cost­ effective environment to continue to build the company into the leading provider of energy ­efficient heating and cooling solutions."

In addition, FridgeWize’s strategic expansion includes a relocation of its corporate headquarters from Glenwood Springs, CO to downtown Carbondale, CO, 30 miles outside of Aspen. This move allows for central access to the Roaring Fork Valley as well as growth of its corporate team. FridgeWize is also expanding internationally, with current agents in the United States, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Dubai, and client installations stretching into Canada,
Mexico, and South America. The company plans to see rapid and continued international expansion and corporate growth in the coming years.

It is energizing to see the expansion of FridgeWize in a way that we are maximizing our reach and achieving our goal to reduce not only the utility bills of our customers, but also the carbon footprint of commercial business on a global scale,” said Grobler.

FridgeWize has executed an unlimited lease for its new operations center at 10551 Rene Street, Lenexa, Kansas 66215 as well as a three­ year lease for its corporate headquarters at 225 Main St. 2nd Fl, Carbondale, Colorado 81623.

About FridgeWize:
FridgeWize is the leading provider of energy ­efficient commercial heating and cooling solutions. The company distributes and installs innovative retrofit technologies designed to reduce customers’ utility bills and their carbon footprint. Headquartered in Carbondale, CO, FridgeWize operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Puerto Rico. For more information, follow @FridgeWizeHQ on Twitter or visit