FridgeWize Announces New High Efficiency HVAC EC Motors

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FridgeWize Announces New High Efficiency HVAC EC Motors

FridgeWize Expands Energy Efficiency Reach to Hotels, Hospitals, Offices for Greater Impact

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo., April 21, 2015 --- FridgeWize, a leading provider of energy-efficient commercial refrigeration solutions, today announced a new vertical comprised of HVAC EC Motors that target larger applications - like hotels, hospitals and office buildings - to significantly maximize energy and dollar savings for even more enterprise clients.

FridgeWize’s new high efficiency HVAC EC Motors include Fan Coil Motors, Air Handler Motors, Rooftop Packages & Pool Motors. For larger enterprise business like hotels, significant energy savings opportunities are present. “When it comes down to it, any movement of air or water requires motors. Implementing energy efficient equipment like our new HVAC EC Motors will make a huge impact on larger scale operations like hotels and hospitals. We are excited to enter into the HVAC heating and cooling industries to significantly maximize our effectiveness in offering energy efficient solutions to enterprise clients everywhere.” said FridgeWize President and CEO, Ryan Grobler.

Here’s a breakdown of the new energy efficient HVAC EC Motors:

  1. Eon 42 - Fan Coil Blower Motors
    - Latest in energy efficient motors
    - Saves up to 56% of the energy consumed by these units
    - Typical applications: kitchen ventilators, air curtains, unit heater and coolers
  2. 56fr Integrated PM Motor
    - IntelliDrive electronic controls with an embedded magnet construction
    - Typical applications: convenience stores, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, cold storage warehouses, gas stations, hotels
  3. Arktic 142 Evaporator Fan Motor
    - Brings benefits of ECM to high voltage applications
    - Typical applications: high voltage light commercial HVAC, condensers and evaporators
  4. Evergreen IM & CM Motors
    - Replaces direct-drive blower motors that were designed with a 6-pole 1075rpm PSC motor
    - Typical applications: hotels, dorms, universities, government buildings, small office buildings, convenience stores, strip malls, fast food
  5. Century V-Green Motor
    - Delivers superior energy savings of over 80%
    - Well-suited for pump applications ranging from 3/4 – 2.7 total horsepower (THP)
    - Typical applications: pool filter pumps and spa pumps in hotels and apartment complexes

For additional information, specs, features and more about each of the new HVAC EC Motors here.

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