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We were excited when the Aspen International Mountain Foundation (AIMF) approached us to help them develop a website and virtual community to support the efforts of their newest initiative, VERTEX. AIMF, in partnership with the Telluride Institute, has launched VERTEX to represent the United Nations Global Mountain Partnership in the North American, Central American, and Caribbean region. The main objective of VERTEX is to promote mountain sustainability by engaging mountain stakeholders to collaborate and share best practices.

Our team is passionate and involved in mountain sustainability and found this project to be right up our alley. With VERTEX’s objective in mind, we created an informative website focused on mountain sustainability resources, alongside an interactive community forum where information and conversation can be easily exchanged among mountain communities so there can be a greater effort for change.

With the central hub in place for these important conversations, VERTEX’s online community of mountain stakeholders will continue to grow, and we look forward to continuously supporting this initiative with digital content and marketing support to help create a global voice for mountain sustainability.

Aspen International Mountain Foundation (AIMF) was pleased to work with Corvidae Collective on the development of its new website - VERTEX. Since our objective was to create a community of mountain stakeholders we were most pleased at how the design (look and feel) and structure (forum functionality) turned out to support this objective. From the start it was an effective and collaborative approach. It was a pleasure working with Colleen and the Corvidae team. We truly appreciate their expertise and diligence from start to finish.
— Linda Giudice, AIMF/VERTEX