Colby June Jewelry

- media relations

Colby June approached us for a collaboration to increase media recognition as she emerges as a trending jewelry designer. We pinpointed targeted, credible media verticals and connect with journalists to pique their interest for coverage; in doing so, reaching a larger audience that is excited to hear about the newest Colby June Jewelry pieces.

We create intriguing, branded collateral, optimized digitally for more easily accessible information. From our research, analytics, trend tracking and targeted media lists, Colby June Jewelry is able to start conversations with key media influencers, providing value and forging long-term connections.

With each new collection release, Colby June Jewelry has a stronger and stronger voice in the fashion and style industry. In collaboration together, media coverage outreach has since expanded to wedding fashion, wholesale, and in person events and shows.


Colleen has opened our eyes to the endless possibilities of her PR work. The collaborative relationship we have created over less than a year of working together is the key to our successful partnership. She is constantly striving to find fresh new ways to promote our brand while staying inline with our image. We are constantly impressed by her efficient and intelligent style of working. She grasps what we want out of our partnership and is willing to go above and beyond to help make our goals possible. The collaborative relationship is nothing like we have had in the past.
— Colby & Amanda, Colby June Jewelry