Havoline Xpress Lube - El Jebel

- website design & development

The local Havoline Xpress Lube shop approached us to help them establish an online presence. Their goals were to better reach their current customers with important information, bring in a larger more consistent customer base, and stand out among the other Havoline shops nationwide. After in-depth local market research and understanding the corporate expectations we needed to adhere to, we moved forward with creating a customized website for the shop and implementing verified, accurate online listings.

Through content development and branded photography, the El Jebel Havoline Xpress Lube website came together quite nicely. The website is simple, straight forward, and achieves the business’s goal of having a digital presence to easily provide quick information to their local customer base - such as the shop’s services, location info, car care tips, and promotions. Our market research found a large hispanic customer base, so we were also sure to implement Spanish-speaking friendly content and a user-friendly translation widget on the full website if so chosen.