New Facebook Messenger: Should We Be Worried

by Colleen Hickman

Facebook has recently forced its mobile users to download a separate messenger app if they want to continue mobile FB convos with their buddies. Not cool, right? Well beyond the extra space on your mobile device, it isn’t as huge and awful of a situation as it may seem.

Many of the initial Messenger concerns stem from privacy and permission fears, and rightfully so. Many tech articles released when the switch first happened provided misinformation to an already weary public that the separate app requirement would be gathering and launching their personal information out through yet another source.

Here’s a sigh of relief for you: Messenger does not do anything or ask for anything different than the regular Facebook app. It even seamlessly switches from Facebook to Messenger as if they were the same app, making your mobile experience almost the same as it used to be. So take a breather.  We will evolve with this the same way we always do if we wish to maintain our digital social lives.

With privacy concerns minimized, I will say the major caveat of Messenger is the obnoxious explosion of notifications that now seem to be blowing up my phone. But do not fear, I have another sigh of relief for you: with a little behind the scenes work in your phone settings, you can make the noise stop. Here’s how:

At first glance this seems impossible. Messenger’s settings either stop you in your tracks or only give you the option to turn off notifications for an hour or until the next morning. This is why I say “behind the scenes.” Instead we look to the iOS notification center. In your iPhone’s Settings menu, go to Notification Center and scroll down to Messenger. It is here that YOU can decide how to manage messenger notifications. You can turn off completely or tweak to a better compromise of your liking.

So no worries! Messenger is not as daunting and invasive as it might have seemed now is it?

 iOS Notifications Settings

iOS Notifications Settings