How To Take Your Photo Skills To The Next Level Part 2: Editing the Photo

How To Take Your Photo Skills To The Next Level Part 2: Editing the Photo

by Jessica Heimerl

If you didn't already read Pt 1 of this series, check it out to learn best practices on Taking the Photo with a focus on capturing a certain aesthetic/theme for your Insta feed. 

So now that you've taken the perfect photo, it’s time to edit it. Depending on what you’re trying to do, there are so many different mobile editing apps available now it’s mind blowing (unless the lighting/coloring is already so perfect and it’s good to post #nofilter). Here are my personal favorites for kicking your picture up a notch.


Instagram had a recent update that was definitely a positive step worth mentioning. Up until then, Instagram users were limited to editing their photos to a perfect square, which sometimes made it difficult to capture certain images like panoramic or landscape shots. Now, when you’re within the Instagram application and have a photo selected, there’s an arrow icon in the lower left hand corner. When you tap it, Instagram makes sure the whole picture can be seen as is, and does not constrain the image to a square. In addition, the editing within Instagram has been stepped up a notch. Users can now make photo adjustments including brightness, contrast, color levels and more. Bring on the perfectly edited panoramic shots! 

oad the App

VSCO Cam (Visual Supply Co)

I can honestly say I use this app for about 90% of my mobile editing. VSCO was created to provide professional level filters and advanced photo editing tools like lighting, contrast, and color levels to mobile users. The app comes with some free presets to begin with, but you also have the option to purchase preset packs...I've even purchased a few myself, can we say #instagramdedication? The tools and presets are at such a professional level, you can adjust all sorts of features for your photograph. The app has become so popular that amateur and professional photographers can band together as a community on Instagram using the hashtag #vscocam when they use it to edit. 

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Ever want to put some font over your picture and not have to rely on Photoshop to do it? Over is a great quick option, full of fun fonts to lay across your picture. This is useful for companies if they’re having a sale or a giveaway to put the text on the picture so that the promotion is more eye catching to your followers. How many of us have scrolled through Insta just looking at the pictures and not reading every caption? I’m definitely guilty of it, but will admit when I see companies use font on their pictures that say “50% off” my thumb immediately stops scrolling and I am intrigued. 

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Another good tool if you’re wanting to make a collage of photos or just two photos side-by-side seen as one (which is what a “diptic” is). Diptic makes it easy to create collages and slideshows. This app can be super beneficial for companies who want to showcase multiple product photos in one picture, for example side-by-sides or before and after shots. You can also do other cool things such as have different shapes or frame sizes and colors. 

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This is a fun application to use if you want to do a review post. I have seen companies use it as a “year in review” tool to post on Instagram all their photos from the last year. You’re limited to the 15 second time frame since it’s technically a video to upload to Instagram. You can set music to it and put font over it to customize it. Definitely a fun tool to play with!

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Let us know how these apps worked for your photo edits and share them with us by tagging #corvidaecollective in your post. Watch for Part 3: Publishing the Photo next, where you'll learn best practices for publishing your photos.

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