The Latest Instagram Update Is Kind Of A Big Deal

The Latest Instagram Update Is Kind Of A Big Deal

By Jessica Heimerl

Can we please get a HECK YEAH!? The time has finally come, something that many social media managers have been waiting and basically begging for. Instagram now finally supports multiple accounts to be logged in at once, thus allowing you to easily switch between all of your Insta accounts!

Setting this up is really quite simple. On your profile page, go to options (the little gear symbol). Once there, scroll all the way to the bottom and tap “add account” to add the next account of your choosing. These different accounts can be accessed at the top of your profile page where your username is displayed. When you have more than one account added, your username will display a downward facing arrow to tap. In that dropdown, you can tap the account to switch to or easily add another account.

Boom! That’s it! Huge thank you to Instagram for finally making this feature available now and make the lives of all social media managers way simpler. Now you’ll receive notifications for all the accounts you have logged in and never miss a beat! Happy ‘gramming, everyone!

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