Corvidae's Flock is Growing!: Introducing Our Summer Interns

Corvidae's Flock is Growing!
Introducing Our Summer Interns

by Deanie Vallone

What's better than one new intern? Two! This summer we at Corvidae have taken two aspiring professionals under our wing. Victoria (a soon-to-be high schooler) and Lucas (a recent graduate) joined us at the beginning of June to learn about the worlds of content marketing and media relations. Both Victoria and Lucas see this internship as an opportunity to learn more about a field in which they have plenty of interest but not necessarily as much experience.

 Lucas deep in thought about his summer internship.

Lucas deep in thought about his summer internship.

Lucas says, “[I] wanted to get some real world experience to add more skills to my tool belt. I value knowledge and I value skills that pertain to my chosen career path; the skills I can gain from working with Corvidae are valuable in the workplace.” The internship will allow these two to learn from experts in their chosen field.

Since starting the internship, Victoria has been contributing to the social media side, making sure our social media content is consistent and updated across all platforms. Lucas, in conjunction with RadioCMC, has been focusing on marketing effectiveness. Being able to develop a full internship program within the company has been a goal of Corvidae founder Colleen's since day one.

“I credit so much of my experience and success thus far to my real world experience at internships of all sorts,” Colleen says. “I completed three different internships of different scales and fields within the marketing and communications industries, and certainly learned more and grew more in those situations.” Thinking back on how much internships have shaped her career, offering an internship in her own company “is the least [she] could do” to pay it forward.

As part of a small but hardworking young start-up, Victoria and Lucas' work has been invaluable. In aiding the company with smaller projects, our staff artists have been able to focus more effectively on individual clients. But why have Victoria and Lucas chosen Corvidae?

 Victoria jumps for joy about her summer internship in front of beautiful Mt. Sopris.

Victoria jumps for joy about her summer internship in front of beautiful Mt. Sopris.

“Part of what sets Corvidae apart is their use of social media as not only a marketing platform, but also as a way to get the client noticed,” Victoria says. [The company is] a breath of fresh air in the marketing world as well. Corvidae has a very  flexible, approachable feel that is often absent among larger marketing firms.”

Lucas agrees, adding, “Corvidae is unique, especially in terms of culture, interpersonal relationships, and communication. Corvidae is laid-back, down to earth, and real, all while maintaining its professionalism.” 

Besides their hardworking and dedicated outlook, their own personal “talents” have helped them fit right in with the eclectic team. Victoria's near-photographic memory and love of British television, and Lucas' mad drumming and computer hacking skills, will no doubt serve the team well. What does Colleen think of her new interns?

“It's cool to see them roll with the punches,” she says, “soak it in, and be involved directly in the growth of our little company.” 

Join us in welcoming Victoria and Lucas to the Collective by sharing some love and notes of encouragement in the comments! :)

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