2015 Web Design Trend Forecast

2015 Web Design Trend Forecast

by Jack Beezer

Alright. I'm going on the record with my 2015 web design trend forecast this year. I expect to see a lot of longer scrolling sites, mostly because of how popular mobile is getting in general. Scrolling sites also eliminate the need for so many links on the pages. 

We are going to see a lot of less is more as designers get rid of a lot of unnecessarily design aspects. Sites will be more organized and on more of a "need to know basis" content wise. I think we will see a lot more hidden menu kind of things, those are hot right now. This goes in hand with mobile trends. 

Regarding that, companies no longer have both a mobile site and a web friendly site. It has become unnecessary to make two sites. It's easy it is to design one that works for both web and mobile.